System requirements for Virtual Classroom

To ensure the best experience possible, please follow the requirements and recommendations below:

Basic System Requirements


The supported browsers are Chrome, Microsoft Edge (Chromium) and Firefox. When using Virtual Classroom, you must be using one of those 3 browsers for full functionality. Your Internet browser must be up-to-date (installed or updated within the last month).

Most browsers will update automatically (or have an option to do so). To check for pending updates, view Chrome instructions, Microsoft Edge (Chromium) instructions or Firefox instructions.

If you run into issues using Virtual Classroom, try (re)installing your browser, as your current browser may have too many add-ons or restrictions.


Speed requirements within Virtual Classroom depend on the features used during the meeting. Please see the table below for the required internet speed.

As a general rule, the better your internet connection, the better experience you will have.

 If you want to check your network speed independently of a Virtual Classroom Meeting, you can check here:

Test My Speed

Use Case Description Requires Speed
Listening only to the moderator, with no webcams shared    
Participating & Viewing Moderator Webcam
You will join using your microphone and webcam, while listening to the moderator and watching their webcam
Participating & Viewing Moderator Webcam/Desktop
You will join using your microphone and webcam, while listening to others and watching the moderator’s screenshare and webcam
You will join using your microphone and webcamplus 6 of the attendees will use their webcam and microphone

 Pro Tip

If your connection is unstable/below the speeds recommended above, then use a wired connection or a stable wireless connection while uploading/recording.


Recommended Devices:

  • Mac/PC
  • Desktop/Laptop

Supported Devices (for participating only(!))

  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android/Tablet