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How can I record and archive Virtual Classroom sessions?

Only moderators can record the meeting. In order to have access to record the meeting, you must launch into the meeting from Brightspace. If you join only from the public URL, you will not have access to record the meeting.

Start recording

Tip! You have the option to record automatically. If you select this option when scheduling, your Virtual Classroom meeting will start recording when you enter the meeting room. 

If your meeting is not automatically recording, click the Record icon at the top of the screen.

When you are done with your meeting, you can click the Recording icon again to stop.

Access the recordings in your course

Whether you selected automatically record or have manually recorded the Virtual Classroom, the recording will be stored for 14 days in your course. 

We highly recommend you to download the recording and upload your video into Kaltura.

  • Go to Course Tools
  • Click on Virtual Classroom

The screen below will appear.

From this screen your can:

  1. See your scheduled meetings.
  2. See your recorded meetings
  3. See the status of the recorded meetings:
    • An hourglass icon indicates that the recording is still being processed
    • A check mark icon indicates that the recording is done processing and ready for download.
  4. Take action with a certain recording:
    • You can preview the recording
    • Copy the public url for the recording
    • See the Attendance of the students during this recording (is meassured)
    • Download the recording
    • Delete the recording.
  5. Schedule a new meeting via the red icon in the bottom right corner.