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I see a broken link, what's gone wrong?

If part of Content is unavailable, this can mean that a link to your document or Course Tool is broken.

Possible reasons for a broken link are:

  1.  An empty placeholder. 
  2.  A moved file.
  3.  A copied LTI link.
  4.  A drag/drop image.

An empty placeholder

When a placeholder is empty in the Course Builder, it will show a broken link to the content. Go to the Course Builder via Course Tools > Course Admin > Course Builder and remove the empty placeholder.

Remove it by :

  1. Pressing the item's drop-down menu button
  2. Clicking the option "Remove"

A moved file


You might have uploaded files into a HTML template by using the "Insert Stuff" button. This automatically selects where the file is placed into the Course Files. When you upload a file via "Insert Stuff", you can't choose a location in which to store the file. The location must not be changed when you Manage Files, or else the link breaks.

If you have a broken link, you must:

  1. Remove the file from your Course Files
  2. Re-upload it in the correct location.

You might have copied components from another course that contains a LTI link.

To fix the broken LTI link, you should:

  1. Press the item's drop-down menu button
  2. Click the option to generate a "New Link"


A drag/drop image

You might have a broken link because of a drag and dropped image that has expired.

Images that are placed in the Content must be added properly, via the "insert stuff" button. Else, the image is kept as a temporary file which expires after a short period of time.