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Noticeable differences between Blackboard and Brightspace

A new Learning Management System will need some getting used to. So what are the noticeable differences with the previous LMS?

1. Teachers are unable to add students to their courses. However, they are still able to add colleagues with a m-number or a g-number to their course. Read more in the article How do I add users to my course?

2. Brightspace makes the use of a Copyright Repository. In the instructions of the UFB, extra attention is paid on the usage of the Copyright Material in courses. Read more about this subject in the corresponding chapter.

3. Setting up a Grade Book and importing Grades works differently than in Blackboard.  There are more possibilities in the Brightspace Grade Book, which can lead to more complexity.
When importing, it is important to use the correct format. More information about the Grade Book can be found in the corresponding chapter.

In case you need help with designing your course, please contact the LMS coordinator of your faculty, the central migration & support team via or contact the helpdesk (the link directs you to Leiden University helpdesk).