Gradebook Glossary

Grade Book
Grade Book is an online interface and storage system for recording course participant grades. Grade books contain a list of items that you want to evaluate. Grade items can include assignments, tests, discussion postings, participation, etc. All of these items combined in the Grade Book represent the work that users are evaluated on in a course.

Grade Book Category
A tool for organizing and grouping grade items into sections in the Grade Book.

Grade Items
Grade Items are activities associated with grade items in the Grades tool. Everything that receives a grade and contributes to the final grade. They can be evaluated automatically based on a user's grade or they can be evaluated manually.

Grades Setup Wizard
The grades setup wizard is a step-by-step process that takes you through a list of options that should set before grade items and categories are created.

Schemes are linked per Grade Item. The scheme represents when the grade is a pass or a fail. For instance the partial grade has a scheme where you pass if your grade is 5.5 or higher. A final grade has a scheme where you pass if your grade is 6.0 or higher.

  • Leiden scheme / organization scheme 
    The Brightspace support team of Leiden University provides standard schemes for you to use in your Gradebook. These Leiden schemes are regulated guidelines for grading at Leiden University and determine the decimals of the grade and whether a student passes with a certain grade.
  • Course Scheme
    It is also possible to make a personalized scheme which is only visible in your own course.