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How do I migrate my course from Blackboard to Brightspace?

Starting in the academic year 2019/2020, we will introduce Brightspace as the new Learning Management System.  This means that course content needs to be migrated from Blackboard to Brightspace. Unfortunately, it isn't possible to transfer all of your course materials automatically to Brightspace. Instead you will have to download the materials from Blackboard yourself and upload them to Brightspace. A big advantage of transferring these materials manually is the possibility to rebuild and restructure your courses.  


Within the Faculties, you can contact the Faculty Implementation Team (FIT) for any questions regarding the transfer of courses from Blackboard to Brightspace. Take a look at the project website for the specific details of your faculty contact person.  If you want the course to be transferred for you or need support transferring content, you can indicate this to the FIT. 

If you want to transfer your course yourself, please follow the steps below to get a good idea of what the best way to migrate your courses is.

From Blackboard

Check the content in Blackboard

  • Decide on which materials you need to carry over from Blackboard. This is a good opportunity to clean up your course. Please, keep in mind that Brightspace is not an online archive. Save any original documents on your personal P:drive.
  • Organize the course materials. For example, by creating a clearly structured folder system (on your PC, laptop, or a workgroup folder), you can order that course files neatly. If you add new materials to your course, make sure there is a copy of it in a private folder. You can easily upload your files from your computer to Brightspace when you are ready to build your new course
  • Familiarize yourself with the new platform. In Brightspace, you have access to your own personal play environment: your Sandbox. In your Sandbox you can freely try and test all functionalities that Brightspace has to offer, without having to worry about any consequences. Only you can see any adjustments you make to your Sandbox, so try to experiment with new ways to present information, or to quiz your students, or promote interaction between them. (Sub)modules and items you have built that you find satisfactory can easily be copied to another Brightspace course.

Downloading documents from Blackboard

If you only have a few documents in your course then we suggest that you download the files individually to your PC and then upload them to Brightspace. 

If you have more than 10 documents then we suggest you follow the following steps: 

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Click on the courseID (which appears under Files)
  3. If the file list is longer than 25 files, click bottom-right on 'Show All', in order to have all files in one list instead of in separate lists. 
  4. Select the files you want to download and click 'Download Package'.

Save this (.zip) file on your PC.

Copyrighted material

Do you make use of (copies of) copyrighted material? Please note that these may not be automatically placed in the course. Please read our articles on our policy and how to place correct links to copyrighted materials.

Downloading Quizzes from Blackboard

Simple quizzes, i.e.  without multimedia, can be exported from Blackboard and imported to Brightspace fully automatically. Quizzes that to make use of question pools, or multimedia, require some manually work. For more information, read the article How do I migrate quizzes from Blackboard to Brightspace?

To Brightspace

  • A standard structure is added to the course by the LMS-coordinator. This structure contains a module general information with underlying folders and weekly modules, with sub-modules. Read more on the structure of a course in What is the structure of a course?
  • If you do not have the standard structure available in your Brightspace course, please contact your LMS-coordinator.

Importing files

Import the documents that you have either saved separately or as a .zip file into Brightspace. Singular documents can be uploaded immediately into the correct (sub)units within the course Content, these documents are automatically saved under Course files.

Read more on how to do this in How do I add new content to my course? 

Import zip: 

  1. Go to Course Tools in the navbar of your course
  2. Click on Course Admin
  3. Click on Manage Files

Unfold the documents:

  1. Click on Upload. A new screen will pop-up, click on Upload and select the preferred zip-file or drag the zip-file towards the 'drop file' box.

    The maximum file size is 1 GB, the length of the amount of time needed to upload the file on Brightspace may differ depending on the size of the file.

    Click on Save to round-off the uploading process.

  2. Click on Arrow next to the zip-file

  3. Click on Unzip

Your documents are now available in your Course Files. You can add them to their appropriate spot in your course by linking them. Read the article How do I add content to my course for more information. 

Personalise your course

  • It is possible to customize the standard banner, picture and text of your course on Brightspace. Click on this link for more information.
  • You can also adjust the image of your course as it is visible on all courses. Read more about this in this article.
  • You can also use the Templates to offer content. Read more about the use of templates in this article

Create content

Not all content can be exported from Blackboard and imported in Brightspace. Some parts need to be rebuild anew.

Below you will find advice on the most commonly used items. 

  • Links to knowledge clips in MediaSite (for weblectures) have to made with an LTI link. Refer to Weblectures for more information on adding links to Weblectures.
  • Kaltura videos are available through My Media. Make sure to link these within Brightspace to your content. Do not copy links from Blackboard directly because this will result in error. 
  • Links to Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Prezi can be copied or embedded into the content.
  • Copy other web links (URLs), e.g. to public or media institutions, such as universities, broadcasters, newspapers.
  • Rebuild any discussion boards you may have had in Blackboard.
  • Rebuild any assignments you may have had in Blackboard. Refer to Turnitin and PeerMark / Peer Review for more information on using these third party tools. 
  • Setup the Gradebook for your course. For more information, check Grades.
  • LTI links are third party tools that are integrated in Brightspace
    • Links to material in Kaltura must be regenerated. The links from Blackboard will give an error message. Read more about this in this article.
    • Copy links to (applicable to LUMC courses).
    • Copy links to FeedbackFruits.

Visibility of your course and contents

Courses are inactive until 2 weeks before the start of the semester. On this starting date, all content of the course that is set to 'visible' will be visible to the students who are enrolled. If you don't want the content to be visible yet, set the main modules to 'hidden'. All underlying modules and content are therefore 'hidden'. See also this article for more information.