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PeerMark / Peer Review from Blackboard to Brightspace

Peer Reviews through PeerMark in the Brightspace environment work almost exactly the same as they did in Blackboard, with one notable exception: Students submit the paper directly to the PeerMark assignment themselves. It is no longer required to have a separate Turnitin assignment for the PeerMark assignment to be based on.

From Blackboard to Brightspace

Steps to follow:

  1. Go to the PeerMark assignment in Blackboard. Open the assignment details.
  2. Go to Brightspace and create a PeerMark Assignment.
  3. After the assignment is placed in content of your course, click on Settings.
  4. Now take over the settings from Blackboard PeerMark and fill them in Brightspace.

See below for more detailed guidance. 

In Blackboard:

  • Go to the Course.
  • Go to Course tools > Turnitin Assignments (Turnitin Assignments by Group). 
  • Click on one of the Turnitin Assignments.
  1. If the Turnitin Assignment is a PeerMark assignment, you will see the screen below.
    With a clear indication to PEERMARK. 
  2. Click on Opdracht Bewerken to see the assignment Details.
  • The Turnitin Assignment that is created for Peer review can be seen here below.
  • You can find the assignment details of this assignment in the Turnitin Assignment overview. Take all settings over as they are in Blackboard, and fill it in in PeerMark. 
    • See this article on how to create a PeerMark.
  • You can click on 'Stap 2' and 'Stap 3' (see right top corner) to see the corresponding settings.

You do not need to create a separate assignment in Brightspace for Peer review. Just fill out the details of the assignment that needs reviewing in PeerMark.