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How do I add literature / copyright protected materials?

When you use texts, text extracts or images for teaching, please be aware of the applicable requirements dealing with Copyright Law. In order to make copyright protected work available to your students in your course, you need to obtain prior permission from the copyright holders. 

When you wish to reuse materials in teaching, please be aware of Copyright Law and possible costs that may be involved. Specifically for Brightspace we recommend you use the three options listed below to implement materials in your course. In all three cases you are always obliged to cite and refer correctly.

  1. Use licensed materials from Leiden Catalogue
  2. Use materials uploaded in the Copyright Repository
  3. Use Open Access publications

For more information please visit  Copyright for teachers.

What if there is no online document available?

It may occur that materials are not available online or have not been added to the Copyright repository. In that case you need to upload the document to the Copyright repository (this applies to both short and medium long extracts) if you want to use the material in Brightspace. 

You can use the cheat sheet below as a guide for adding copyright protected materials aka literature to your course. The document is interactive and will lead you to the relevant websites.