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What is the course Brightspace Online Training?

The course Brightspace Online Training is an online module where you can become familiar with the look and feel of Brightspace. Access the Brightspace Online Training via the Home Screen of Brightspace, after you logged in. The course is not a direct step-by-step learning plan, rather it gives you the opportunity to become aware of the different functions in Brightspace. The modules consist of guidelines for creating Grade Books, managing Groups and organizing Content of your course, among others

When you are ready to practice working with the different settings of Brightspace in a more advanced and practical manner, start working in your Sandbox. Optimally, the Sandbox provides the possibility to follow the Brightspace Online Training and more. Thus, properly preparing you for actual course creation. 

Use the Online Training as an introduction tool, but go to your Sandbox to deepen your understanding of Brightspace.