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What is a Sandbox and how can I use it?

In case you do not yet have a personal sandbox and/or you cannot see the Brightspace Online Training, please use this form to request a sandbox.

Every teacher has his or her own Sandbox course. This is an environment in which teachers can experiment within Brightspace. You have access to all the necessary functionalities, without possible unwanted consequences of sharing trials with your students. Your Sandbox is private: only you, and any colleagues or users you have enrolled, can view its contents.

Using the Sandbox is a good way to familiarize yourself with Brightspace. For example, you can experiment with: arranging and presenting your content, creating new tests for students and discovering ways to improve interaction with students. You can also prepare a course in your Sandbox and export it to a public course when it is finished and satisfactory.

Take note: only you have access to your own Sandbox. You can however add other existing users if you want to. Only add someone if said person has consented. Keep in mind that an enrolled person can view everything in your Sandbox when he or she has the same role.