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How do I use the Grading Setup Wizard?

Before starting: Do you have grade allocation for your course planned? You usually have this in your course syllabus. This table will show how students will earn their final grade. This can be converted into Brightspace’s gradebook.

Note: This page shows the grading for a typical course. Some courses have very unusual grading schemes, so not everything here may apply to you.

  • Go to Grades in the navbar of your course. 
  • Go to the tab Setup Wizard. The wizard shows the current default settings for your course.
  • Click on Start.

For the vast majority of courses a weighted grading scheme is sufficient. This is the scheme where you have a different number of categories, such as assignments, the final exam, quizzes and so forth and all these categories add up to a 100% of the course grade. Alternatively, a formula allows for fairly complex grading formulas to be entered.

Note: The adjusted final grade can be useful in situations where the students’ grade are modified before they are released. For example, you might need to fine-tune and adjust some of the grades up or down before they are released.

You can select “Drop ungraded items” or “Treat ungraded items as 0”.

  • With “Drop ungraded items”, students see their grades reflecting their progress. In other words, items that are ungraded are not used to calculate their final grade. But this can mean the final grade appears higher than it might otherwise be at the end of the course.
  • If choosing “Treat ungraded items as 0”, the student will start the course with a grade of 0% and as the course progresses their grade will go up, until the end of the course, where they reach their final grade. Students will see a zero for items that are not graded yet.
  • Click Continue

The Leiden Schemes are designed to match with common grading systems at Leiden University. You can always preview the Scheme to see how it is structured.

  • Click Continue

Set up the number of decimal places displayed to the students. 

  • Click Continue 

Select what will be shown in the Student View. 

If all checkboxes are selected, the student gets the maximum amount of information, which will lead to fewer requests for grade clarification from the students. 

  • Click Continue 

The final screen is a summary of your settings. 

  • Click Finish 

Once you have run through the setup wizard you can now start with the creation of Grade Items.