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How do I add release conditions to a discussion forum or topic?

In this article, you can read how to can add release conditions to a discussion forum or topic. At the end of the article, you can watch an instruction video on how to add release conditions.

The Restrictions tab allows you to create conditions for the availability and/or visibility of discussion forums in the following ways:

  • Release Conditions are used to determine when the forum is available (for example: students can only see the forum if they have achieved a score of 80% or higher on a certain quiz. You can add multiple release conditions to a single forum).
  • Group and Section Restrictions are used to determine to whom the forum is available (for example: only students from Tutorialgroup 1 are able to see the forum).

How to add restrictions:

  • Go to Course Tools in the navbar of your course.
  • Click on Discussions; you will now see the discussions homepage.
  • Click on arrow next to the Forum or Topic title to which you want to add restrictions.
  • Click on Edit Forum or Edit Topic.
  • Click on Restrictions (the second tab).

It is not possible to alter restrictions if students have already started discussions.

Restrictions on a Forum take precedents over restrictions on a Topic.

  • Click on Attach Existing to add existing release conditions:
    • Select the condition you want to add,
    • Click Add.
  • Click on Create and Attach to add a new release condition:
    • Select the condition you want to add.
    • Click Create.
  • The dropdown menu allows you to choose whether students have to fulfill only one (Any condition must be met) or all (All conditions must be met) of the attached release conditions to gain access to the forum.
  • Check the Restrict this forum to the following groups and sections box to restrict access to this forum to certain groups.
  • Click Add Groups and Sections and select the specific group or section. Click on Add.
  • Click Save and Close to return to the discussions homepage or Save and Add Topic to create a topic.

Video: How to Restrict Access in Discussions

This video is made by Brightspace supplier D2L. Some screens might have a different look and feel to the Universiteit Leiden Brightspace environment.