How do I assess an assignment?

You can assess an assignment without a Grade Item. If you want to grade an assignment and register the result in Brightspace, you have to attach the assignment to a  Grade Item. This way the grades given to submissions will be registered in the Grade Book in Brightspace. If you would like to use Turnitin, see the article How do I use Turnitin for an Assignment?

You can also assess an assignment using a rubric by associating a rubric to the assignment.

Assessing with a grade item

After you have created a grade item and linked it to an assignment, you can use this grade item to assess assignments.

  • Navigate to Course Tools in the navbar of your course.
  • Click on Assignments.
  • Click on the assignments you want to assess.

At the bottom of your screen you can find an overview of the submissions per student. You can filter these submissions based on:

  1. Student name (use the search bar);
  2. The type of submissions. To do this, go to Submissions and select:
    • Show everyone (all submissions);
    • Users with/without submissions (only those students who have or have not handed in the assignments). If you have filtered on Users with submissions, you can also select whether you want to see:
      • unread submissions only (Only show users with unread submissions);
      • assignments that were handed in during a specific period (you can specify the date and whether you want to see assignments that were handed in before or after that date);
      • submissions that were handed in late only (Late Submissions).
    • Users with preview submissions (for example, to see those assignments you have handed in yourself as a test);
    • Users with graded unpublished submissions (students whose assignments have already been assessed, but the assessment has not yet been published.
    • Furthermore, you can also select for each filter options whether you only want to see those students who are exempt (Users who are exempt).  
  3. Use Feedback to choose whether you want to see all submissions (Show everyone) or just those with or without feedback (Users with/without feedback).

Evaluation and Feedback

It is also possible to assess submissions with inline feedback. Please see here for more information on the Annotation Tool.

  • Give your feedback.
  • You can download files, mail them to students, mark them as read/unread, delete them, or publish the feedback you have given. To do so, select one or more students (or click the box at the top left to select everyone) and then click on the desired action. If you select and download several files at one, these files will be put together in a zip-file.
  • Click on the file name of the document to assess it.
  1. Brightspace will enter the score and calculate the grade.
  2. Click on Publish/Update if you want to (re)publish the feedback and want to let the student know about their score. Click on Save/Retract if you want to save the assessment but do not yet want to show the student.

Marking assignments (flagging)

You can mark (flag) specific submissions within an assignment. For example, if you are assessing submissions on an assignment together with a colleague, you can flag half of the submissions. This way one of you can assess the flagged submissions, and the other can assess the unflagged submissions. Flagging can also be used as an alert for submissions which need further inspection or discussion.

  • Navigate to Course Tools in the navbar of your course.
  • Click on Assignments.
  • Click on the desired assignment. You will land on the Users tab.
  • For each submission you will see a flag icon. Click this icon to flag an assignment (or unflag it). A filled flag means you have flagged the submission. In the example above, the first assignment is flagged and the second one is not.
  • Click on Submissions to be able to filter the submissions with flags.
  1. Click on Show Search Options.
  2. Under Flag Status, use the drop-down menu to select whether you want to see the flagged assignments (Submissions with flags) or the unflagged assignments (Submissions without flag).
  3. You can enter a keyword in the search bar (Search For) or leave it empty. Then click Enter on your keyboard or click the magnifying glass-icon in the search bar.