November 2020 - 20/11/2020

The new Brightspace release is available from 20 November 2020 10:00.

Notifications - Default settings changed

Above an example of an email notification.

From this release on, the default settings of notifications are changed. The changes concerns the following actions:

  • Announcements - announcement updated
  • Announcements - new announcement available
  • Assignments - assignment feedback released
  • Assignments - assignment feedback updated
  • Grades - grade item released
  • Grades - grade item updated

Previously, users were not notified by email when the above actions were carried out per default. From this release on, users will be notified by email when the above actions are carried out per default. Users have the possibility to opt-out these notification emails.

If you want to opt-out for these notification emails unselect the corresponding boxes via Notification settings. For more information, check out How do I change my email notifications?


Quizzes - Retake incorrect questions in subsequent attempts

This feature introduces a new option for Quizzes Attempt settings that allows students to only retake their incorrectly answered questions from previous quiz attempts. Instructors can select this new option in the Assessment tab of a quiz. When the Retake Incorrect Questions Only check box is selected for subsequent quiz attempts, each learner only sees the questions they had previously answered incorrectly in the same order as the initial attempt (including quizzes with random sections and random questions). 

When grading a Retake Incorrect Questions Only quiz attempt, the instructor can only provide a score for the questions answered on this attempt.

A student's score for a Retake Incorrect Questions Only attempt remains at minimum, the score they had on the previous attempt. Correctly answered questions on the Retake Incorrect Questions Only attempt add to the learner's attempts score. The Quiz Overall Score is calculated using the existing Highest/Lowest/First/Last/Average aggregation functions. The "Average" aggregation function can be used to give the student partial marks for questions that were not answered correctly on the first attempt.

Quizzes - Quiz Preview

Instructors can now view a preview of their quiz from Quiz Builder. Clicking the new Preview button on the Add/Edit Questions view of the quiz opens a quiz preview attempt in a new tab for a complete view of how the quiz appears to students. 

Visual Table of Content - Bug Fix

Previously, users were experiencing issues with the Visual Table of Content. From now one, both the text and figures in the Visual Table of Content are linked to the same content. Regardless you click on the text or the figure, you'll end up on the same page.

Assignments Turnitin - New Documentation

We would like to ask all students to pay attention to the following article: