September 2020 - 18/09/2020

The new Brightspace release is available from 18 September 2020 10:00.

Important notices - Virtual Classroom no longer available

Due to University policy, Virtual Classroom of Bongo will no longer be avaible in Brightspace. Instructors are advised to user Kaltura Live Room for remote teaching purposes. 

Tip! Check out the Remote Teaching Support website as well, for more information and support for Leiden University staff involved in remote teaching.

In case you have questions on the availability of Virtual Classroom, please contact us via the helpdesk portal.


Discussions - Visual word count for discussion posts

A visual word count is now visible in the HTML Editor for discussion posts. All words in a discussion post are counted and include filler words such as “the,” “if,” and “to.” 

The word count is dynamically displayed to students while they type in the HTML Editor and it also appears next to posts they have created in the Discussions Reading View and Grid View. Students can view the word count for their posts only.

For instructors, the word count appears on the Assessment page during the discussions assessment process and it also appears inline with the post details in the Discussions Reading View and Grid View. Instructors can view the word count for all user posts.

Quiz Builder - Enhanced question reordering

To simplify the movement and reordering of questions in Quiz Builder, a new Move To option is visible when a question is selected. The Move To option allows questions to be moved to the Top of the QuizBottom of the Quiz, or to a specific section within the quiz.

Previously, to move multiple questions into a section, instructors had to individually drag the questions into the desired section. Now, instructors can select multiple questions and move them all at once using the Move To menu. The drag and drop reordering of questions has not been affected by this feature and remains available.

My Course Widget - Start date visible

From this release on, the start date of the course is visible in the My Course widget on the Homepage. For more information on the life cycle of courses for instructors, check out Course Life Cycle for instructors. For more information on the life cycle of courses for students, check out Course Life Cycle for students.