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Zoom in the lecture hall: a roadmap


This article provides an organized roadmap for using Zoom during a live session.

What do I take with me?

  • Smartphone for authentication.
  •  Presentation (it is useful to put your PowerPoint on a USB stick). 
  • Make sure you can log in with your UCLN account.
  • It is wise to link your zoom meetings to a course in Brightspace. That way, recordings are automatically uploaded to Brightspace and students can easily access the live session and the recording. You can read how to create a link here.  


  • Open your presentation on the desktop in the room. 
  • Go to Brightspace.
  • Log into Brightspace with your UCLN account
  • Use your phone for authentication. 
  • Go to Course Tools
  • Click on Zoom
  • The program opens.
  • Start the meeting. Read how to do this here
  • Click on the microphone icon at the bottom right. 
  • Test if you can be heard by talking into the microphone. Ask for feedback from the participants.
  • If your microphone is not working; click here for possible solutions. 
  • Go to Share Screen.
  • Share your presentation. Read about Share Screen here.
  • Turn on the recording. Read more about recording here.
  • When finished, you can find the recording in the video portal under My Media. The recording can be shared with the students from the video portal. It may take several hours before the recording is uploaded. This depends on the size of the file.
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