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Schedule your content using the pacing tool


Set a course time frame

To help you keep on track with your course materials, pacing (previously known as scheduling) suggests when to start teaching different course materials in chronologically sequenced content units. When you pace a course, you define a start and end date for pacing content units evenly within the specified date range. This can be modified at any time and is only visible to instructors. It is useful for keeping to a set schedule and ensuring there is enough time to complete all materials in the allotted time.

The default date range is determined by the start and end date of the course. If no start and end date is set for the course, the start and end date of the semester is used.

The Pacing tool does not affect when content is available for students. This can be controlled by availability dates

  1. From the content area, click the  Course options menu and select Pace Course.
  2. Set pacing dates. To turn off pacing dates, click X.
  3. Click Save.

After you have set up the pacing tool, it is possible to set specific dates for the content items. This can be done by editing the content item. 

Pacing in an existing course does not copy over to a new course (it turns off in the new course).

When availability and due dates are enabled in a course, pacing options and dates are hidden.

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