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Using MS Teams, Zoom and Kaltura Live Room in classrooms


Instructions on setting up your video tool in a classroom

Before choosing a specific video tool you can follow the steps below. You can also watch an interactive video to guide you along. 

1. Check the webcam placement, making sure you are in view when presenting. The closer the camera is to you the better for both image and audio quality. You can rotate the camera to bring the in-class students into view during an interactive part of the lecture. 

2. Log in to the video tool. You will need to use your phone for MFA authorisation.

Choose a Video tool

Now you are ready to choose a video tool. See below for specific introductions for each separate video tool. 

MS Teams
  • Open the Microsoft Teams desktop app via the Windows search bar. You can also use the MS Teams browser version via, but this lacks the breakout room and share computer sound functionality.
  • Use [email protected] to log in.
  • Choose “Nee, alleen bij deze app aanmelden” (required with desktop app only).
  • Navigate to your Teams Calendar to access and start your scheduled meeting.
  • Open the Zoom desktop app via the Windows search bar.
  • Select Sign In with SSO.
  • Enter universiteitleiden in the textbox and click Continue.
  • Log in with your ULCN.
  • Navigate to the Meetings tab to access and start your scheduled meeting.
Kaltura Live Room
  • Use Chrome to go to
  • Log in with your ULCN.
  • Navigate to your Brightspace course.
  • In the blue navigation bar, choose Course Tools and then Kaltura Media Gallery.
  • Select Launch Live Room to start your meeting.

Applying the video tool

After choosing and setting up your video tool, make sure to follow the instructions below. These steps ensure a successful application of the video tool. 

3. Project the video tool via the beamer if you want the online participants to be visible in the classroom. Use the video tool’s ‘Share screen’ function to share any content you want to show to in-class and online students.

4. Make sure to log out of all programs and browsers afterwards!


  • To avoid echoes open the video tool on one in-class device only and mute yourself before you start playing a video.
  • Close the chat, participants, notes, and playlist panel, when you no longer need them, so you leave more space for your presentation or document.
  • Use F11 to enter (and exit) full-screen mode.
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