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November 2021 - 19/11/2021


The new Brightspace release is available from 19 November 2021 10:00.


Brightspace Editor – Additional support for drag/drop and copy/paste images

Users are now able to copy/paste images in the following fields:

  • Quizzes > Feedback
  • Grades > Feedback
  • Grades > Comments
  • Discussions > Feedback

Because these specific fields contain student-senstive information, images copy/pasted to these fields will not be stored in the Manage Files area, but instead will be stored in the database. Using the Course Copy function will not copy these images.

Email – Increased Limits for To and CC Fields

The 'To' and 'CC" fields in a single email will now be able to contain up to 200 email addresses. Previously this limit was set to 50 email addresses. The BCC field limit remains unchanged at 3000 email addresses.

Manage Files – Users receive warning message when uploading a file blocked due to security

When a user attempts to upload a file with an extension that is either not allowed by the Assignment or is on the security restricted list, the user will be shown a warning message.

This message appears as: "This file extension is not allowed." for Assignments; and as: "This file extension is not allowed for security reasons. Please see our Restricted File Extensions article in the D2L Community for more detailed information."

The security restricted file extensions list is found here. This list is maintained by D2L and FB LMS is not able to add or remove restricted file extensions.

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