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September 2021 - 17/09/2021


The new Brightspace release is available from 17 September 2021 10:00.


1. Assignments – Create select box grade items in the New Assignment Creation Experience

This release the New Assignment Creation Experience supports creating new select box grade items. In addition, this feature will now allow instructors to choose a grade scheme when creating a numeric or select box grade item.

Some of the labels have been renamed:

  • Score out of is now Grade out of
  • In Grades is now In Gradebook
  • Choose in Grades is now Edit or Link to Existing
  • Remove from Grades is now Not in Gradebook

2. Assignments - Restricting file extensions for submissions

Instructors can now specify the extensions of files that students can upload as assignment submissions. When an instructor is creating a file submission assignment there is a drop down in the Submission and Completion section of the New Assignment Creation Experience. In this drop-down list, instructors can choose the restrictions they want.

The following options are available:

  • Annotatable files (.docx, .odt, .ppt, .rtf, etc)
  • .PDF only
  • Files that can be previewed without any conversion, such as .HTM, .HTML, .MHT, .MHTML, and .BMP
  • Images and videos
  • Custom filetypes

The default setting for this options is set to No Restrictions.

When a student attempts to upload a file submission for an assignment of an file extension type that the instructor has restricted, an error message appears.

3. Rubrics - Additional information on Grade tiles

When a rubric is collapsed, instructors can now see if the rubric is complete. If the rubric is complete, the collapsed rubric shows the overall level of the rubric, and if the rubric is not complete, the number of unscored criteria appears on the tile.

4. Rubrics - Copy and delete criteria groups

It is now possible to copy or delete a criteria group on a rubric. The delete option is only available if there is more than one criteria group.

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