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August 2021 - 20/08/2021


The new Brightspace release is available from 20 August 2021 10:00.

New Features

1. Assignments – consistent evaluation experience

This release will introduce a new evaluation experience for assignments. 

The user interface has been revamped, giving it a fresh look. The new experience will also feature an inline rubric component, allowing you to see both the rubric and the submission at the same time. 

If an assignment requires multiple submissions, you will now be able to pick the relevant submission file without going back to the submission list. 

The student view grade preview will not be available from this release on.

The way grades are assigned, feedback is added and providing inline feedback will remain unchanged.

The "How do I assess" articles in the Assignment chapter have been updated to reflect the changes made to the evaluation experience and can be found here.

2. Discussions - Consistent evaluation experience

The way discussion evaluations are displayed is now consistent with the the way it is displayed for assignments.

The discussion evaluation experience will also use the side-by-side view, featuring the posts on one side and the evaluations tools on the other. The way evaluations work will remain unchanged.

More information can be found here


1. Discussions –Visibility and posting restrictions

New visibility and posting restrictions have been added for discussions.

You will now be able to chose one of the settings for a discussion before the start date or after the end date of a discussion:

  • Visible, but inaccessible.
  • Visible and accessible, but unable to post (read-only mode).
  • Hidden.

These settings can be chosen separately for either the period before the start date or the period after the end date.

Please see this article for more information

2. Rubrics -Inline grading improvements

The rubric evaluation view has been improved.

Information about a criterion can now be previewed by hovering over said criterion. The information will then be displayed below the scale.

3. Help button

The Help button in the Brightspace navigation bar has been changed to a menu. This menu will have a direct link to the Brightspace Screensteps page for either Students or Instructors. 

4. Supported Browsers

With this release the following browsers will no longer be able to access our Brightspace Environment:

  • Legacy Edge (older than version 79)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

If you try and access Brightspace using these browsers, you will be shown the image below. 

When accessing Brightspace using one of the browsers listed below, a message will be shown about using a retro browser. You will still be able to access Brightspace using these browsers.

  • Chrome 90  
  • Chrome OS Chrome 90  
  • Mobile Chrome 90  
  • Safari 14  
  • Mobile Safari 14  
  • Firefox 88  
  • Chromium-based Microsoft Edge 90 

If you see this message, it means that you are using an older version of the browser. We advise you to update your browser. This message appears when you are using one of the following browsers:

  • Chrome 90  
  • Chrome OS Chrome 90  
  • Mobile Chrome 90  
  • Safari 14  
  • Mobile Safari 14  
  • Firefox 88  
  • Chromium-based Microsoft Edge 90 
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