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Other Meeting settings

Updated Aug 12, 2021

This article covers the Other settings, which can be found under Settings in the  Zoom  portal of the University of Leiden.

The settings can be reached and changed at the following level:

Blur snapshot on iOS app switcher

The moment you switch between apps on an iOS device, the image of the Zoom app will fade.

This option is enabled by default. It is also 'Locked by admin' and therefore not customizable

This option prevents potentially sensitive information from being visible when switching between apps.

Invitation Email

The participants of your organized meeting will receive an invitation email based on their set preferred language, the content of the invitation email is customizable.

  •  To do this, first select a language in which you want to customize the content.
  • Then click on the pencil icon, in the next screen you can add content to the mail.
  • Click Save.

Schedule Privilege

 You can choose to assign users who can schedule a meeting on your behalf.

  • To set up a delegate, click on the '+' icon next to Assign scheduling privilege to.
  • In the next screen, find users and add them to your Schedule Privilege.
  • Click Assign.


If you have been added to someone's Schedule Privilege, you will see that under I can schedule for:

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