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How do I change my Email Notifications?

Updated Oct 13, 2021

This article covers the Email Notifications settings, which can be found under Settings in the  Zoom portal of Leiden University.

The settings can be reached and changed in the following way:

When a cloud recording is available 

The host will not receive email notifications if the created cloud recording is available. This option is 'Locked by admin' and not customizable.

 When attendees join meeting before the host 

Hosts will not receive email notifications if participants enter a meeting before them. 

Let op: Bij grote groepen deelnemers kan dit als ongewenst ervaren worden vanwege het hoge aantal notificaties

When a meeting is cancelled

If a meeting is cancelled, both host and participant will receive an email notification that it has been cancelled.

If this option is disabled, participants will not receive a notification.

When an alternative host is set or removed from a meeting 

The alternate host will be notified via email notification if it has been added as a host or is being removed.

 Select this option to keep all hosts informed of rights changes.

 When someone scheduled a meeting for a host 

If a meeting is scheduled, moved, or canceled, the host will be notified when this option is enabled.

If you disable this option, the host will not receive a notification of the meeting and may miss important information.

 When the cloud recording is going to be permanently deleted from the trash 

If the host has deleted a recording, it will end up in the trash. 7 days before it is permanently deleted, the host will be notified if this option is enabled.

Enable this option if you still want to be reminded when your deleted recordings will be permanently deleted.

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