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How do I organise a Zoom meeting from Outlook?

Updated Oct 13, 2021

This article explains how to organise a Zoom meeting from Microsoft Outlook, using the Zoom plugin. To start a Zoom meeting from Outlook, the plugin must be installed.

The following components are covered:

How do I install the Zoom plugin for Outlook?

With the Zoom plugin for Outlook you can start a Zoom meeting from outlook. This plugin can only be installed if you have a managed university device or use a private device.

Install the Zoom plugin for Outlook:

  • Go to:
  • Click Download underneath the Zoom Plugin for Microsoft Outlook header or click Add Zoom link underneath the Download button to add the plugin to Outlook on the web.
  • Complete the installation on your device.
  • Restart Outlook to start using the plugin.

How do I schedule a Zoom meeting from Outlook?

To schedule a Zoom meeting from Outlook the Zoom plugin has to be installed on your device.

In the Outlook pane, the following buttons are visible:

There are two possibilities to organize a meeting from Outlook:

  1.  Schedule a Meeting.
  2. Start Instant Meeting.

Schedule a Meeting

Schedule a Meeting

  • Click Schedule a Meeting if you want to schedule a meeting in advance.
  • A new mail will open, including a Zoom window where you can change your meeting settings.

The available meeting options are:

  • Meeting ID
    • Automatically generates an ID (default).
    • Personal Meeting ID: an ID that can be remembered by users so they can contact you at other times.
  • Security
    • Passcode: locked setting and automatically generated.
    • Waiting Room: Places new participants in the waiting room, the host has to manually allow them into the session.
    • Only authenticated users can join: Sign in to Zoom: Remove the option to allow external speakers and participants to join the session.
  • Video
    • Host: Automatically turn the host video on or off when you join the session.
    • Participants: Locked setting that automatically turns off participants' video when they enter the session.
  • Audio 
    • Choose to allow audio from computer and/or phone.  
    • Dial-in from the Netherlands:  Click Edit to point out the list and allow participants from other countries to dial in.
  • Do not show me again 
    • Deze optie onthoud jouw instellingen voor toekomstige uitnodigingen 

Click Save. The meeting and invite are now being generated and will be available in your agenda.

If you schedule a meeting and this starts shortly after scheduling, make sure you enter the start and end date/time of the meeting before clicking the Schedule a meeting button.

  • Click first in Outlook on New appointment.
  • Enter the date and time of the appointment.
  • Lastly, click Schedule a Meeting.
  • Send the invitation to the participants.

How do I immediately host a Zoom meeting from Outlook?

Start Instant Meeting

To start a meeting immediately:

  • Click Start Instant Meeting.
  • Select the pull-down menu to determine whether you want to start with or without a video feed.
  • Click Participants to invite attendees.
  • Click Invite.

You can invite attendees in four ways:

  1. From your contact list.
  2. Email.
  3. Copy Invite Link.
  4. Copy Invitation.
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