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How do I organise a Zoom meeting from the desktop Client?

Updated Aug 12, 2021

This article shows you how to organize a Zoom meeting from the desktop Client (Zoom app). The following components are covered:

If you haven't installed the desktop client yet, you can download it via the Zoom portal (Download Zoom Client) or through this link.

How do I log in to the Zoom desktop Client?

  • Open the Zoom desktop Client app on your computer.
  • Click Sign In with SSO.
  • Fill universiteitleiden in the textbox and click Continue.
  • You will be redirected to the login environment of Leiden University where you can log in with your ULCN.
  • If the login is successful, the next window will be visible:

How do I host a Zoom meeting from the desktop Client?

If you open the Zoom desktop Client on your computer, the above screen is visible.

Here you have the possibility to start directly a New Meeting and Schedule a meeting in advance.  

New Meeting

  • Click New Meeting to immediately start a meeting.
  • In the meeting, a pop-up will appear, click Join with Computer Audio.
  • You can invite participants through the Participants button.

How do I schedule a Zoom meeting from the desktop Client?


  • Click Schedule in the homescreen.
  • A new window with scheduling options will open:

On this page, you fill in the information about your meeting.

  • Topic:  Title of your meeting.
  • Start: Date and time for the meeting.
  • Duration: Set a duration for the meeting, if the meeting is over the chosen duration,  the meeting will continue. You will only see a message that the meeting is about to go over the scheduled time.

Time Zone

  • Recurring meeting:  if you check this option,  you need to check the recurrence in the invitation.


  • An automatically generated password/invitation link will be required to join a meeting.
  • Waiting Room:  Select this option if you want to allow all participants manually.
  • Require authentication to join:  Sign in to  Zoom.


  • Turn the video on or off by default when someone joins.
  • Host: Turn this on optionally so that the speakers/hosts start their session with their video-enabled.
  • Participant: Locked setting where the participant's video is disabled by default.


  • Choose to allow audio from computer and/or phone.  


  • The calendar is set by default to  Outlook,  which is linked to your ULCN account.

Advanced options

  • You can let the participants participate at any time.
  • Mute participants upon entry.
  • Pre-assign breakout room allows pre-assigning invited attendees to Breakout  Rooms.
  • Record the meeting automatically in the cloud.
  • Approve or block access to users from specific regions/countries.

Alternative hosts

  • Enter all email addresses for the people who will host or speak in your meeting so they have the correct rights when they enter the session.


  • If you check this option, you will receive an input field in which you can enter the email address of an interpreter who can write subtitles in a language you set during the session.
  • Click Save.

Outlook will be opened, do not forget to check the recurrence.

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