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June 2021 - 18/06/2021


The new Brightspace release is available from 18 June 2021 10:00.

Important Announcement

-NEW- Assignment Experience starting 16 July 2021

A new create and edit experience for Assignments is coming with the July release and will be available on 16 July 2021. Please see here for an early preview and the highlights of this coming change.

Please note that the assignment evaluation experience will not change. 

1. Enhancements

1.1. Attendance – Delete and restore registers

Instructors can now restore mistakenly deleted attendance registers and associated session data. You can delete registers individually on the Attendance Registers page or in bulk.

1.2. HTML Editor - Inline LaTex rendering

You will now be able to use inline LaTex equations in the HTML Editor. As a result, scientific and mathematical equations are rendered seamlessly without the need to use the LaTeX equation option in the Equation Editor.

Inline; put the LaTex equation between  \(  and  \)

Seperate; put the LaTex equation between $$ and $$

1.2.1. Edit mode within the HTML editor:

1.2.2. View mode:

1.3. Rubrics – Reorder criterion groups

In order to increase the value of rubric criterion groups, it is now possible to reorder those criterion groups in the New Rubric Creation Experience. If more than one criterion group appears in your rubric, direction arrows appear to the left of the criterion group header to reorder the criterion groups in the rubric. If only one criterion group appears in your rubric, the direction buttons do not appear.

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