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May 2021 - 21/05/2021


The new Brightspace release is available from 21 May 2021 10:00.

1. Enhancements

1.1. Rubrics - Copy rubric criterion

To improve the value of Rubrics and facilitate reusing rubric criteria that have already been created, an action menu next to the criterion name provides Copy and Delete options. When an instructor copies a criterion, the new criterion is added under the original with the criterion name Copy of [name of original criterion].

The Delete function was previously available as a trashcan icon at the end of the criterion row outside the table.The new location in the action menu improves the discoverability of the Delete and Copy options.  

1.2. Rubrics – Print or export to PDF

To improve the user experience with Rubrics, instructors can now print or download a PDF of a preview or evaluated rubric. Students can also print or download a PDF of a rubric from the desktop browser implementation of Brightspace Learning Environment. The Print button displays above the top-right corner of the rubric.

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