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February 2021 - 19/02/2021


The new Brightspace release is available from 19 February 2021 10:00.

1. New Features

1.1. Accommodations – Quiz accommodations

This feature enables instructors and assistant instructors to grant students accommodations through the Classlist tool. Accommodation options currently available include: more time to complete quizzes at the course level and the ability to bypass right-click restrictions in quizzes. The right-click restriction in quizzes is the ability for students to right-click in the quiz while taking the quiz.

This is an alternative for setting special access, but affects all quizzes the student will take in this course.

2. Enhancements

2.1. Rubrics - Warning dialog for partial evaluations

Previously, if an instructor attempted to publish a partially completed rubric evaluation, the partial evaluation dialog appeared. If the instructor tapped Enter on their keyboard, the partial evaluation was published.
Now, the default button behavior has changed so that tapping Enter on the page returns the user to the rubric to complete the evaluation. This change adds a verification layer to reconsider their action and ensure that instructors are not mistakenly publishing incomplete evaluations.

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