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January 2021 - 22/01/2021


The new Brightspace release is available from 22 January 2021 10:00.

Important notices

Brightspace's browser version check now displays warnings for browsers earlier than the following versions:

  • Google Chrome 85 (released Aug 2020) 
  • Apple Safari 13 (released in September 2019) 
  • Mobile Apple Safari 12 (released in October 2018) 
  • Mozilla Firefox 80 (released August 2020) 
  • Chromium-based Microsoft Edge 85 (released August 2020) 
  • All versions of Microsoft Edge Legacy (in preparation for Microsoft’s end-of-support in March 2021)

You can access Brightspace with older versions of our supported browsers; however, you may encounter unexpected user interface behavior and appearance or broken and unsupported functionality. 

For an optimal experience that offers better performance, accessibility, and security, we strongly recommends that all users access Brightspace with a supported browser.

New Features

Please note that due to the implementation of new features the Course Homepage has been changed for all courses.

To create more awareness on the use of copyright materials in Brightspace, there is a new widget available for all staff members on the course homepage. You can click on the widget to review key questions and answers regarding Copyright in Brightspace. For more information see here.  


January 2021 - 21/01/2021 | Article Editor | ScreenSteps - Google Chrome

Zoom is from now on integrated with Brightspace. Instructors can set up Zoom meetings within a Brightspace course that are automatically shared to the course calendar. Students can access these meeting from the course calendar.

For more information on how to use Zoom in Brightspace click here.

For more information on how to use Zoom click here.

For more information about Zoom support click here.

For training for Instructors on How to use Zoom in Brightspace click here.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is available for the following faculties: Humanities, Governance and Global Affairs, Law, Archaeology, Social and Behavioural Sciences, Science and ICLON.

The Brightspace Course Connector for Microsoft Teams® allows instructors to create Teams seamlessly based on a course in Brightspace. This integration continuously synchronizes the class list with Microsoft Teams. 

Once a course is connected, a link on the Course Home provides access to your Teams environment from within Brightspace. This integration provides enhanced communication and collaboration between instructors and students.

January 2021 - 21/01/2021 | Article Editor | ScreenSteps - Google Chrome

Please note that this is the instructor view. Students will see different information, depending on whether their instructor has enabled a Teams environment.

For more information on how to use Microsoft Teams in Brightspace click here. 

For more information about Microsoft Teams support click here.

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