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Check your Turnitin More Options settings


This article will cover the Turnitin settings needed to allow Turnitin to function without issues and ensure realistic similarity scores.

The supplier is currently investigating a Turnitin issue, where selecting certain Turnitin settings will cause Turnitin to be unable to generate similarity reportsIn the mean time, please follow the steps below.

See here for more in depth information and an explanation why you need to set these settings under More Options.

Create a new assignment in your personal sandbox and enable Turnitin

  1. Go to your personal Sandbox
    • In case you do not yet have a personal sandbox, please use this form to request a sandbox.
  2. In the navbar click on Course Tools and click on Assignments
  3. Click on New Assignment
  4. Enter a name and click on the Evaluation & Feedback

Click Manage Turnitin. Then click on Enable GradeMark® for this folder.

Wait until Turnitin is enabled and proceed with the next steps:

Open More Options in Turnitin

It is important that you do not change the settings under More Options in Turnitin, when there are already submissions for your existing assignment. Please see here for more information.

ScreenSteps - Google Chrome

First, click on More Options in Turnitin

In the pop up window click on Optional Settings to expand the window. Make sure all your settings match the settings below:

See this article for more information and to understand why these settings are nescessary!

Edit Assignment - fsd - Sandbox SEA Arzu Sahin - Leiden University - Google Chrome
  1. Make sure Standard paper repository is selected
  2. Make sure all boxes are checked
ScreenSteps - Google Chrome

3. Make sure Generate reports immediately (students can resubmit until due date) is selected under Generate Similarity Reports for Student Submission.

Please contact us in case Generate Similarity Reports for Student Submission was set to Generate reports on Due Date, so we can check and reset Turnitin Assignments you created before you've adjust your settings. In that way we can prevent future Turnitin issues from happening. 

Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation. 

4. Check the box Save these settings for future use

5. Finally click on Submit.

On the next page click on Save and Close and you're done!

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