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How do I add Virtual Classroom to my Course and Content?


In this article we will explain how to add a Virtual Classroom to a course and content.

  1. Go to Content.
  2. Select the unit/lesson where you want to place a Virtual Classroom meeting.
  3. Click on Add Existing.
  4. Select Virtual Classroom.

How do I use Virtual Classroom?

NB Upon first use you must read and accept the terms of use.

Follow these steps to set up a new meeting:

Click on Schedule meeting

  1. Fill in the following:
    • Title
    • Date and Time
    • Duration of the meeting
  2. Additionally, you may select/deselect the following:
    • Start recording automatically (recommended if you want to record the whole session)
    • Publish recorded meeting (in case you want to replay the video or look it back on another moment)
    • Allow external Participants (recommended in case an external speaker does not have access to Brightspace)
    • Invite entire class or select specific participants after saving the meeting.
  3. Set Repeat weekly in case the meeting should be repeated
  4. Click on Save

Click on the meeting title to place the link to the meeting in your course. 

Virtual Classroom processes presentations by using an initial image of each slide. This means that animations are not shown. The recommended workaround for animations is to use the screenshare feature.

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