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How do I set restrictions for a quiz?


This article explains what restrictions for quizzes are, why you use them and how you can set restrictions for a quiz. The Advanced settings will also be discussed. 

At the Restrictions tab you can decide:

  • whether a quiz is displayed to students and/or has a deadline (status, deadline and availability);
  • whether there are release conditions attached to the quiz; 
  • whether the quiz has a time limit (restrictions);
  • whether students need to enter a password before they can start on the quiz and/or can only do the quiz when they are working from a certain IP-address;
  • if there is a time frame in which the students need to complete the quiz;
  • if you want to allow (certain) students to get special access to the quiz (for example extra time for a student with a visual disability).
  • Go to Course Tools in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Quizzes. You will land on the quiz homepage.
  • Click the arrow next to the title of the quiz you want to edit. 
  • Click Edit.
  • Go to Restrictions (second tab).
  1. Tick Hide from Users to ensure that the quiz is not accessible to students yet. Before the quiz becomes accessible to students, you need to remove the tick.
  2. Tick Due Date to set a deadline and specify the date and time:
    • The quiz remains visible and accessible after the due date has passed.
    • With the intelligent agent you can send a notification to the students about a due date that is coming up. 
    • The quiz will appear in the Calendar of your students.
  3. At Availability, set a start and/or end date if you only want to give students access to the quiz for a limited time. 
  4. Tick Display in Calendar if you want the specified date to appear in the calendar of both your students and yourself. 
  5. At  Release Conditions you can identify requirements that your students need to meet in order for the quiz to become available to them. A quiz can contain multiple release conditions (for example: student only get access to the quiz after having submitted assignment 1 and/or finishing the checklist of week 1 completely).
    • Click Attach Existing to add existing release conditions. 
    • Click Create and Attach to create and add new release conditions. 
  6. Identify whether students need to meet one of the conditions (Any condition must be met) or all of them (All conditions must be met)

Advanced settings

  1. At Optional Advanced Restrictions, click the fold-out arrow next to the quiz if you want to set up a password and/or IP-restriction. Only users that enter the correct password and/or permitted IP-address can get access to the quiz:
    • At Password fill in a password. 
    • Click Add new IP Range to identify which IP-addresses are permitted. This is particularly useful for when you want students to partake in quizzes on campus or at a special location. Note: the Brightspace server can only view external facing IP addresses that your institution is using, so don't use any internal ones.  To get the right IPs to use, log into a computer from where you want students to take a quiz and view your Login History to see the IP address.
  2. At Timing you can choose to set a time limit for the quiz and/or identify whether the quiz disappears after the time limit has passed. The Recommended Time Limit does not affect the termination of the quiz or the score. At Enforced Time Limit you can ensure the quiz will be terminated or that a late submission is automatically assessed with a score of zero:
    • Recommend: specify the time limit of the quiz (students will see this at the start of the quiz) and identify whether you want a clock to appear in the screen of your students. 
    • Enforced: specify the time limit of the quiz and identify a Grace Period if you want to (the amount of minutes after the time limit has passed in which students can still change their answers and can still submit their quiz without it being marked late). After the Grace Period has passed, all submission attempts that come after will be marked as late. If you do not want this option, you can set the Grace Period to 0 minutes. The qioz will then immediately be marked as 'exceeded'. You can also identify what the consequences are for submitting passed the time limit:
      • Students can continue working on it.
      • Students can no longer make changes. With a Grace Period of 0 minutes students are only able to hand in their work. 
      • Students can continue working but the attempt will automatically marked as zero after the deadline has passed. 
    • Clicking the Show Clock button will add a visible timer for students when taking the quiz.
  3. At Special Access you can provide users with special access to the quiz:
    • Tick Allow selected users special access to this quiz to allow a specific group of student special access to the quiz (for example extra time, an extra attempt or a pushed deadline).
    • Tick Allow only users with special access to see this quiz to only allow a specific group of student to have access to the quiz. 
    • Click Add Users to Special Access to select the group of students that get special access as well as specify the details of that special access (you set a start and end date for the quiz, a time limit and the max. amount of attempts):
      • At Special Access Properties you can adjust the due-, start- and end date. At Timing you can adjust the time limit.
      • At Attempts you can tick Override attempts allowed to give certain students more/less submission attempts.
      • At Advanced Attempt Conditions you can identify the percentage of correct/incorrect questions (certain) students need to achieve in order to be allowed a second attempt.
      • Use the search bar (View By) to find the right students and indicate which students you want to give special access to.
      • Click Add Special Access.
  4. Double-check your settings and click Save and Close.

If you have students who require extra time to complete your quizzes, consider using the Accommodations feature instead. This feature allows you to grant students extra time to complete every quiz in your course.

This feature can be enabled on a per student basis by clicking the chevron next to the student's name in the classlist and selecting "Edit Accommodations".

You can either grant an extra set amount of time or a multiple of the original quiz time.

Date restrictions and release conditions are automatically transferred when the quiz becomes available in Content. In Content, if you adjust the date restrictions and/or release conditions at a topic of the type quiz (via Edit Properties In-place or in the topic itself), these changes will not only be applied to the topic but to the quiz as well.  

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